Freeze for Victory and Peace. Donate Now to Help Ukraine Win!

February 2023
On 24-26 February 2023, a brave international team of Ukraine's friends will be doing an ice swim in the Lake Memphremagog, one of the largest lakes of Canada situated on the border of Canada and the State of Vermont.

In the freezing water of only 0 degrees Celsius the courageous team will swim to raise funds for warmth and light in Ukraine - the fearless country schocked by the brutal war but demonstrating an incredible resistance and heroism for one year already. The funds raised during the ice swim will be used for purchasing powerful generators for the hospitals close to the front line where doctors save the wounded and treat civilians - a special target of the cynical and inhuman enemy.

Be brave to fight with Ukraine!

We appreciate everyone's support!

Donate now and bring Ukraine’s victory closer!

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