Communications intercepted by Security Service of Ukraine: Russians refusing to go to frontline, they are being prosecuted

Source: Security Service of Ukraine message and audio recording
Quote: "Yesterday the column was returning, 10 kilometres from here… Two "Tigrs", "Typhoon", some other equipment ..."Tigr" was so f*cked that the guys from "Tigr" flew 4 metres away. Open fractures, it was impossible to watch…
And we will move to [the Russian village of] Tiotkino tomorrow or the day after, there will be a redeployment from there, probably to the Donetsk People's Republic.
According to the stories of the boys who are in the Bryansk region with our boss Smirnov, it’s a complete mess: everyone there is refusing to go, no one there wants to go… They [the Russian commanders - ed] are opening a file on them and kicking them out."
Details: According to the intercepted serviceman, the chief "feels like a hero and is sending guys to the frontline in UAZs" just so he can send someone.
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"He does not give a f*ck about his personnel," the man complains.

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