Mental Health Awareness Campaign: Let Us Help You

May 2023
When we discuss health, it's often limited to physical well-being. However, we must recognize that psychological health is equally crucial, even if societal norms discourage open conversations about it.

At Healthy Initiatives, we are proud to launch a compelling interview series featuring esteemed health experts. These conversations shed light on pressing topics such as anxiety, reducing stigma, the intricate link between mental health and tobacco addiction, and the focusing of healthcare professionals in addressing more physical ailments but less those affecting the mind. After all, our brain can influence our overall physical health.

It's time we foster a culture of open dialogue, where we can freely discuss our psychological well-being. By understanding mental disorders and their impact, we can offer the necessary support and care to those facing challenges like anxiety and depression, especially during times of war.

Let's create an environment characterized by empathy, compassion, and understanding, where we prioritize mental health alongside physical health. Together, we can make a difference by promoting a holistic approach to wellbeing.
Nataliia Toropova, global health expert, Head of Healthy Initiatives, NGO
Ian Ayres, a lawyer and an economist, a Professor and Deputy Dean at Yale Law School, and a Professor at Yale’s School of Management
Dr. Shari Jardin, Deputy Director of the Center for Global Health, Northwell Health
Derek Yach, global health advocate
Sudhanshu Patwardhan, Centre for Health Research and Education, United Kingdom
Yuriy Stratovych, psychiatrist
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