Global Mental Health at Davos World Economic Forum

January 2024
In January, the Healthy Initiatives team participated in a one-day summit on global health organized by Northwell Health as part of the Davos World Economic Forum.

This summit marked a pivotal moment in our approach to addressing the most pressing global health issues. The discussions were characterized by boundless innovation, with international subject matter experts delving into topics such as mental health, health equity, conflict mitigation, violence prevention, health technology, and financial models.

Nataliia Toropova, Head of Healthy Initiatives, addressed the summit, emphasizing the urgency of mental health and the prevailing global mental health crisis. During her presentation, she highlighted the close link between mental health conditions and non-communicable diseases, emphasizing key risk factors. Nataliia stressed the importance of mental health parity, advocating for a proactive approach in caring for individuals facing mental health challenges to make a positive impact. Special attention was dedicated to discussing the burden of mental health during times of war, with a particular focus on the situation in Ukraine.
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