Switching Smokers to Vaping Central to UK Public Health

July 2023
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stressed the importance of his government’s ‘swap to stop’ programme for improving public health putting anti-smoking policy at the center of his speech on public health at Westminster. It promotes vaping as a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and is part of a strategy that encourages adults to make informed choices rather than imposing bans that leave them with limited options.

In the UK, it’s recognised that long-term adult smokers are quite unlikely to quit without being offered a safer alternative that satisfies their craving for nicotine.

“There is such persuasive evidence from the swap to stop programme that if you can help existing adult smokers to switch away from smoking to using vapes - this is not about disposable vapes for children, which is obviously concerning … there are clearly public health benefits of acting before the bigger problems come down the line”, he said.
A man smokes an e-cigarette in a fire escape doorway
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